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Products -  S.S Welded Condenser And Feed Water Heater Tubes For Power Plants


REMI have created separate divisions in their plant at Tarapur to manufacture Stainless Steel Welded tubes to meet the critical needs of the Thermal & Nuclear power industries for tubes for condenser, low and high pressure heaters application. Similarly the critical needs of seawater based industries like desalination plants and corrosive chemical plants for tubes of higher alloys and ferritic/austenitic grades are also kept in view.

REMI’s specialty tube division consists of German make state of the art welding lines complete with all online operations like bright annealing and eddy current testing. The division also has other offline operations like “U?bending, heat-treatment of “U?bends, pneumatic testing. The two mills have an installed capacity of 23,75,000 mtrs per annum.

  Products Category   Unique Characteristics
► Condenser Tubes for power utilities ► Total online operations
► LP/HP Heaters for power utilities 

► Lengths upto 30 meters.

► Heat Exchanger tubes for sea water application & Oil,Petro-chem,Fertiliser & other Industries ► 100% Pneumatic Testing
  ► Helium Leak Test
  ► Non-standard dimensions on customer¡¯s request
  ► Bright Annealing    
  ► Residual stresses
  ► Online Dimensional check
  ► Eddy Current Testing

Products Made


Wall Thickness

Grades (TP)


S.S.Condesor Tubes

15 to 38

0.5 to 1.5

TP 304,TP 316,& TP 317 (all L grades),UNS 31803,32205

ASTM A-249& A-790

S.S.L P/HP Heater

15 to 22

0.5 to 2.50

TP 304,TP 316

ASTM A-688

S.S.Heat Exchanger Tubes

12 to 50

0.5 to 3.0

TP 304,TP 316,UNS 31803,32205  

ASTM A-249,A-269 & A-790,A-688

  Other Austenitic/ Duplex / Ferritic Grades can be made on request
Other equivalent International Standards such as ISO, DIN, JIS etc. are also adapted on request.