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Q.1. What is REMI?
A: REMI, a legendary group was launched in 1960 with the manufacturing fractional H.P.Motors and laboratory stirrers under the name of ‘Rajendra Electric Motor Industries (REMI). Over the years, REMI has evolved as a multifaceted company manufacturing wide range of products for the customers in India and abroad.
Q.2. What is REMI’s business identity today?
A: Today, REMI holds an identity of a premium multifaceted company with years of experience devoted in manufacturing of Alloy & Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes, Electric Motors, Domestic Fans, Industrial Agitators and Laboratory instruments.
Q.3. Which companies combine to form REMI Group?
A: REMI Group comprises of 6 companies:
  • Rajendra Mechanical Industries Limited
  • Remi Process Plant and Machinery Limited
  • Rajendra Electrical Industries Limited
  • Remi Instruments Limited
  • Remi Fans Limited
  • Remi Real Estate
  • Q.4. Who is chiefly involved in managing REMI?
    A: REMI has received a renowned stature of REMI GROUP from the late visionary, Mr. C.K. Saraf who foundedREMI in 1960. REMI is now managed by his sons, Mr. V.C. Saraf and Mr. R.C. Saraf with 14 factories, spread over an area of over 100000 sq. mtrs and over 2500 employees.
    Q.5. How many manufacturing divisions does REMI comprise of?
    A: REMI has diversified into multi product manufacturing divisions namely:
  • Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Industrial Agitators & Portable Mixers
  • Electric Fans
  • Electric Motors
  • Laboratory and Blood Banking Instruments
  • Q.6. How efficient is REMI with regards to Technical Expertise?
    A: REMI has attained technical expertise from the industry leaders in U.S, Japan & Germany. This facilitated REMI in successfully launching assorted product range in the industrial, consumer and capital goods sector, catering to both domestic and foreign market.
    Q.7. What does REMI’s specialised product range consists of?
    A: REMI is recognized as one of India’s most trustworthy brands manufacturing a range of consumer durables like household fans, process plants and equipments, induction, flame proof & geared motors, stainless steel seamless and welded pipes and tubes, laboratory instruments for industries, research labs, hospitals, Blood Banks etc. The product range is marketed in 14 major Indian cities and exported in 50 countries across the world.
    Q.8. How Quality conscious is REMI?
    A: The prime focus of REMI is delivering ‘World Class Product Quality
    REMI’s manufacturing processes and products hold certain international certifications promising ‘Best Quality in each model delivered:  ISO 9001-2008 for design, manufacturing and supply
    • Quality Management Systems as per ISO-13485-2003 for medical devices
    • Manufacturing facility as per guidelines of WHO-GMP
    • All products are CE certified and ensure compliance to European Directives for medical devices
    • Calibration and validation of equipment done with traceability certificate
    Q.9. What is REMI’s commitment to customers?
    A: ‘Customer Satisfaction is a priority for REMI. We are dedicatedly engaged in delivering professional services at affordable rates such as:
  • Product Customization & Consultation
  • Single Source Providing End-to-End Solutions
  • Training & Support
  • Preventive & Annual Maintenance
  • Q.10. What if we are facing difficulties in handling and understanding REMI’s products?
    A: Our trained, experienced and qualified professionals assist the customers in product training, starting from the initial start-up assistance to providing support for pre and post installation. We ensure our customers are offered timely technical and maintenance services for smooth functioning and enhanced performance of our products. Our services aim at reducing our customer’s operational cost and ensuring complete safety for avoiding any technical hazards.
    Q.11. Which business sectors have constantly been benefited from REMI’s products?
    A: On a global level, REMI has been efficiently meeting product demands of Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals and Paper & Pulp Industries.
    Q.12. Being a manufacturing company, what steps does REMI undertake for environmental safety?
    A: REMI has taken the following steps for majorly working towards safeguarding well being of all living beings and environment as a whole: 
  • Stand by and follow all contemporary Statutory Laws and International Standards associated with health, safety and environment
  • Instruct, assist and demonstrate the required procedures and actions to the concerned employees for minimizing  any kind of possible risks for the in-house staff, visitors, the society and environment as a  whole.
  • REMI is strongly committed towards reducing carbon emissions by enhancing the control of existing Windmill  Green Power Installed Capacity.
  • Q.13. Where can I contact REMI’s representatives?
    A: Please check the Contact page at for accurate details.
    Q.14. Can I subscribe to REMI’s Newsletter?
    A: You can subscribe to REMI’s newsletters by sending us your correct E-mail id and Name.
    Q.15. How can I get access to REMI’s Brochure?
    A: You can easily download REMI’s brochure by visiting If you have any enquiries, suggestions or ideas then send us by filling the Enquiry form on the website.