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Remi Fans ¨Creating Prestigious Products for Absolute Comfort"

REMI Fans (RF), a leader and innovator in offering an array of high speed portable fans from 150mm to 450mm, D.C fans, decent and designer COMPAIRE ceiling fans and solar fans with low voltage consumption. Since inception, RF has pioneered smarter ways for circulating fresh and cool air indoors. With changing trends, RF has enhanced its product design from classic to contemporary for meeting different customer preferences in terms of colour, material, design, functionality and durability. RF applies an unparalleled approach for designing, engineering and manufacturing different varieties of high-quality fans.

RF's professional team pays meticulous attention to every minute detail from finalising the design components, manufacturing the final product to ease of installation. Fulfillment of these specifications during product development produces high quality fans offering unprecedented performance for years.

Our product features like adjustable fan speed and direction are easy to perform and effective in offering a soothing environment at home, office or any other indoor space. Over the years, RF has made a mark in the market for providing optimum fan designs offering absolute comfort to the users. You are just a switch away from fresh air…Experience refreshing ambience and complete comfort with REMI Fans.
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