About Us
REMI Process Plant and Machinery Limited (R.P.P.M.L) is a privileged company belonging to the legendary REMI GROUP of companies. R.P.P.M.L located in the suburb of Mumbai was initiated in 1960 by Shri Chiranjilal Saraf. REMI has a monopoly in designing, manufacturing, testing and supplying range of Agitators for the purpose of mixing liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and liquid-gas applications.

Over the years, REMI has successfully supplied essential Agitators to major process industries such as Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Mineral Ore Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Paper Chemicals, Alkali Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Paint, Breweries, Food, Dairy, Effluent and Water Treatment Plants. REMI also possesses Portable Series of diverse Agitators for meeting the critical product requirements of the process industries. REMI has efficiently designed and supplied quality Agitators of capacity up to 225 KW motor, 250 mm diameter shaft, 19.0 meter long shaft and 4.6 meter diameter impeller.
The Management Loop at R.P.P.M.L.
REMI Process Plant and Machinery Limited is a self-governing public limited concern supervised and managed by the panel of Board of Directors. The Executive Director and the President are chiefly involved in managing the company dealings and associations. Further, they are also actively supported by the Marketing Vice President, Works Manager, General Manager-Design, Senior Manager-Quality Assurance, Commercial Manager and Purchase Manager.

Overall workforce comprises of 80 workers, 15 Shop Supervisors and Inspectors along with 30 staff members including Engineers, Draughtmen and Commercial Staff. Along with a strong Marketing team in Mumbai, REMI is also backed by a resourceful team in metro cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Nagpur. The team is professionally supervised by Regional Managers for managing the Sales and Servicing of Group products.

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